It's time to fight back.

Title companies have been under attack for too long, until now. Are you ready to fight back?

Secure Email Sending

Are your official documents being intercepted by a threat actor? Send wire instructions, closing documents, and sensitive attachments via a secure portal that only your client can access.

Suspicious Email Quarantine

What's better than spotting a phishing email? Never receiving a phishing email. Our machine learning technology diverts suspicious emails into a quarantine inbox to be viewed by an agent in a secure way.

Phishing Simulations

Want to know how vulnerable your agency is to the most common type of cyberattack? We perform phishing simulations to let agents make mistakes in a risk-free environment. The effect is genuine behavior change and a more secure agency.

Agent Training

60% of successul attacks involve human interraction with the attacker. Let us train your agents with knowledge of the types of threats and the triggers of each. In cybersecurity, knowlege is power.

Credential Monitoring

Did you know a username and password combination costs less than $1 on the dark web? We scan the dark web for your agents' credentials and will let you know within minutes if they come up for sale.

Vulnerability Scanning

We scan agency networks on an annual, quarterly, monthly or continous basis in search of vulnerabilities. What frequency is right depends on the agency.

Penetration Testing

Wondering if the security you have is enough? Want to spend on cybersecurity efficiently? Order a pen test and see exactly how an attacker might exploit your network and what it takes to close the gaps.

24/7 Threat Detection

We monitor your agency's network and devices 24/7/365. Our cybersecurity analysts investigate anything suspicious and respond to any active threats.

Incident Response

Does your leadership team know what to do if they receive a digital ransomware note? In the event of an intrusion, our team will identify points of entry, communicate with the attackers, and recover compromised systems within the first few hours.

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"The title industry remains the most targeted sector for business email compromise".
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Anatomy of an attack


The login.

A threat actor can obtain a title agent's email credentials in a number of ways. Most companies aren't aware that a username and password combination cost less than $1 on the dark web. But most commonly, an attacker will use brute force. This includes using a tool to input the maximum possible password permutations. Longer passwords are harder to crack, hence why we recommend 16+ digit passwords. 


The wait.

Once a threat actor has logged into a title agent's inbox, they will set up email forwarding to the attackers email and remove any forwarding evidence so the agent is unaware their inbox is being monitored. The threat actor will learn all they can about an impending wire transaction before attacking.


The attack.

Having observed an inbox for a sufficient amout of time, an attacker can redirect internal funds, client funds, or pursue a ransomware attack. The most common, but least existential attack is to redirect client funds. Once an attacker has an agency's legitimate wire documentation, they send altered instructions to the client from the agent's real email address. Once the wire transfer is complete the attacker spreads the money out across accounts and cryptocurrencies.

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